Here are the list of solutions.

agRe is an intelligent agent reasoner just like an innate human reasoner. It is an intelligent agent capable of incremental learning and problem solving. It perceives and interacts with the world through its sensors. Based on its perception, it reasons and identifies the problem; it solves the problem and then learns from the world. It incrementally reorganizes its memory with new learning acquired for later use.

IRSP is a developer’s tool for building intelligent robots. Given a robot task, it will automatically generate a solution plan in PDDL. IRSP has been integrated fully with a commercial robot simulator, Marilou of anyKode in France. IRSP has been running on a variety of robot platforms such as iRobot Create, LEGO NXT, ER Scorpion, numerous Frontier-21 robots, and a recent Cognitive Consumer Robot sponsored by a Korean-US joint program.