Bringing AI to Real Life.

Our solutions are enhancing the human experience through multiple applications that improve people’s quality of living and add new value for businesses.

Augmenting the Human Experience

Our solutions are touching many aspects of people’s lives and in the process, helping businesses increase the quality of their services, and improve operating efficiencies.
  • Providing human-like, expert assistance, when and where it’s needed

  • Add intelligence and new dimension to games and toys

  • Create additional useful utility to everyday products in our lives

  • Decrease operating costs through strategic, intelligent automation

Our Solutions


Humanize your products with AI for greater utility, dimension and interest.

Our fully autonomous AI solutions for Consumer Product Development makes it easy to augment your products with human-like intelligence.

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Increasing customer satisfaction and improving operational efficiencies.

Our fully autonomous AI solutions for Customer Service helps lower costs while increasing the quality of your customer’s experience.

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Expert, location and context aware help, when and where you need it.

Our fully autonomous AI solutions for Hospitality/Retail/Airports helps ensure the best possible experience for guests while lowering operational costs.

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Bring your games to life with a more immersive, challenging player experience.

Our fully autonomous AI plugin for Unity is easy to implement, allowing you to create human-like experiences for your players.

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