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Our fully autonomous AI plugin for Unity is easy to implement allowing you to create human-like experiences for your players

AI for Gaming

Take your game to the next level by incorporating fully autonomous AI, using our fAutonomy plugin for Unity.

Game developers of all skill levels can now create more immersive, challenging player experiences in their game products by adding human-like intelligence to the system.

Our core AI engine, called GiAR (General Intelligent Agent Reasoner), is a world-class multi-agent reasoner written in MA-PDDL (Planning Domain Definition Language) to be able to deal with real world problems. In the near future, we hope to install millions of AI characters with GiAR Lite, a light-weight version of GiAR.

  • help people learn

  • provide companionship

  • act as helpful assistants entertaining us

Download fA from the Unity Asset Store here.

True AI Drives the Solution

Our vision is to develop the best, fully autonomous AI technology by combining comprehensive problem solving, incremental learning and memory.

Powerful Tools and Quality Support


Our easy to use software development kit and open APIs allow developers of all ages and skill levels to put our technology to work.


Our technology toolkits are supported by comprehensive self-service documentation, covering the essentials to get up and running.


If you need extra help, our experts are here to understand your development objectives, and help you overcome any obstacles.

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