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GCA achieves true, human-like conversation that creates limitless possibilities for a broad range of useful AI applications

About GCA

GCA is a powerful artificial intelligence conversational agent that achieves true, human-like conversation by involving holistic episodic reasoning in an incremental fashion

AI has become more pervasive in our lives especially with the growing popularity of conversational agents, chat bots, and virtual personal assistants.

While these popular applications are helpful, their capabilities are limited because they only use semantic reasoning.

We’re Doing More

AIBrain’s focus has been building true human-like AI that involves holistic episodic reasoning in an incremental fashion. This is much more than simple semantic reasoning.

At AIBrain, we are building Intelligent Conversational Assistants based on AICoRE and Memory Graph that can be deployed as intelligent chatbots in a wide range of applications such as customer support or as a personal wellness assistant.

Intelligent chatbots for customer service and many more applications.

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