AI For Consumer Products

Humanize Your Products


Humanize Your Products

Our fully autonomous AI solutions for Consumer Product Development makes it easy to augment your products with human-like intelligence.

AI for Consumer Products

People’s expectations of the products they use everyday are rapidly increasing.

As consumers, we are growing accustomed to the ever sophisticated technology that is becoming pervasive in our lives. This puts pressure on product makers to introduce more useful capabilties for their products that keep pace with consumers’ rising expectations.

Our AI solutions give product developers an easy set of tools to integrate our fully autonomous AI technology into their product designs, greatly enhancing their utility and appeal for their customers.

  • Create new value for customers

  • Enhance the overall quality of the user experience

  • Increase engagement with your products

  • Increase sales

  • Increase loyalty

  • Easy integration through our SDK/API

  • Superior support

True AI Drives the Solution

Our vision is to develop the best, fully autonomous AI technology by combining comprehensive problem solving, incremental learning and memory.

The Technologies

We combine these technologies to deliver true AI to Product Development teams through a powerful SDK/API.


AICoRE is the most advanced cognitive reasoning engine, simulating human intelligence across the full spectrum of problem solving.


GCA achieves true, human-like conversation that creates near limitless possibilities for a broad range of useful AI applications across industries.


Memory Graph is a human-like AI memory system, seamlessly integrating episodic and semantic memories for all types of intelligent agents.

Powerful Tools and Quality Support


Our easy to use software development kit and open APIs allow developers of all ages and skill levels to put our technology to work


Our technology toolkits are supported by comprehensive self-service documentation, covering the essentials to get up and running.


If you need extra help, our experts are here to understand your development objectives, and help you overcome any obstacles.