Intelligent Robots Made Easy

iRSP (Intelligent Robot Software)

IRSP (Intelligent Robot Software Platform) is an intelligent robot building software for developers at all levels. The most important characteristics of IRSP are its capabilities of integration and support of intelligence. A robot system is complex, made of hundreds of hardware devices and software components. Thus, the integrability of many devices and components along horizontal and vertical dimensions is critical to its success. IRSP will integrate software components as well as hardware devices as long as they are built with open standards. As any device gets plugged into a robot, even during its operation, IRSP automatically recognizes its presence. In addition, a robot is supposed to be intelligent. An intelligent robot, however, is hard to build. IRSP provides its developers with an efficient development environment to build intelligent robots as quickly as possible. It is the outcome of a 10 year Intelligent Robotics Initiative since 2003, sponsored as a Frontier-21 Grand Challenge by the Korea Ministry of Knowledge and Economy.