Helping Humans Live Better.

AIBrain has researched, developed and tested pilot consumer products that demonstrate the capabilities of its core AI technologies.

AI in the Real World

AI has the demonstrated capability today of enhancing our experience in the world and improving our quality of living. The potential for that value to improve over time as technology develops is limitless.
  • help people learn

  • provide companionship

  • act as helpful assistants entertaining us

Our Products

To help demonstrate the power of our fully autonomous AI Technology, we have developed our own products that explore a variety of applications.


Intelligent Robot Companion for Kids

Tyche promotes learning, socializing and playing, and enhances the imagination and creativity in young minds.

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SEL Skills Training System for Kids

SMILE helps prepare our next generation to reach their potential by promoting social and emotional learning skills.

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English Learning Ai Companion

dAIsy is an AI language learning assistant acting as a human-like conversational partner to help you build confidence in speaking English.

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AI Host Robot

Athena is an intelligent robot host providing time and location sensitive, human-like assistance at the point of experience.

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True AI Life Simulation Game

Futurable is a fully autonomous life and business simulation AI game for players to travel to the future and try to make it a better place.

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