AIBrain: Augment Your Intelligence with AI

Augmented Intelligence is the technology of augmenting human intelligence with artificial intelligence along the four dimensions of intelligence such as cognitive, physical, social, and emotional.

AICoRE with Memory Graph is a big first step toward Augmented Intelligence based on both neural and cognitive sciences.

AICoRE (Adaptive Interactive Cognitive Reasoning Engine)

The power of our practical AI agent comes from two central components, which are a reasoning engine called AICoRE and a human-like memory called Memory Graph. AICoRE is a cognitive reasoning engine by unifying problem solving and learning. AICoRe fully automates the reasoning process from end to end. AICoRE is Incremental Holistic Human-like Reasoner, covering the full spectrum of reasoning from sensing, reasoning, discovering, planning, learning, remembering until responding and performing. AICoRe is modeling an innate human reasoner.

Memory Graph

Memory Graph is a human-like AI memory system built by AIBrain that integrates episodic and semantic memories for an intelligent agent. Memory is an essential component of artificial intelligence along with problem solving and learning. AIBrain is building an integrated AI platform called AICoRe that combines all these three components. Memory Graph is available as a standalone component for any AI application to add human-like memory capabilities.