AIBrain is Home for Brilliant AI Minds

AIBrain is Home for brilliant AI minds who create augmented human intelligence. It will augment human intelligence with fully autonomous AI including a human-scale memory. AICoRe and Memory Graph are the two central efforts.

Job Opportunities
• AICoRe (A+I: Augmented Intelligence) and Memory Graph: A human-scale episodic memory
• dAIsy: Open-ended Conversational AI
• SMILE (Social Mind for Intelligently Learning Emotions), Automated Social Emotional Learning Assistant
• Futurable: Future Simulation for Life & Business
• fA (Full Autonomy) for developers to build true AI games
• Music AI – AI Improvisation & Lyric Generation
• AI Robotics: Tyche, Athena

AIBrain is seeking those who think and act truly intelligently with the traits including: Intellectual Humility to learn humbly in every aspect; Self-Confidence; Passion and Perseverance for long term goals.

Job Locations: Menlo Park, CA; Berlin, Germany; Shenzhen, China; and Seoul, Korea

Its unofficial slogan is “Be intelligent in every aspect.

Note: A graduate-level degree with computer science in theory and practice including strong AI background is desired.