We are seeking a small number of brilliant and passionate people. We currently build core AI solutions for smartphones and robotics applications.

Our research and development work requires integration of a variety of AI techniques including intelligent agents with ACL, natural language processing, vision, problem solving, incremental learning, semantic and episodic memory. Thus, a graduate degree in computer science with a strong background in AI is desirable.

Job Description/Responsibility: Advanced research and development of an intelligent agent reasoning engine with inter-agent communication, Agent reasoning with natural language dialog, integration of problem solving, incremental learning and memory; incremental analogical case-based reasoning

Qualifications: Ph.D. or M.S. in Computer Science with a strong background in AI

Skill sets: AI algorithms, problem solving, machine learning, incremental case-based reasoning, cognitive memory reorganization, intelligent agents, inter-agent communication, natural language understanding, dialog management, expert systems, cognitive perception, integration of problem solving, learning and memory; Programming experience with Java, C/C++, Object-Oriented Programming; AI languages such as Prolog, LISP and PDDL; Agent programming languages such as JADE, JadeX, GOAL and 3APL/2APL.