KAIb wins the third place in NIPS Conversational Intelligence Challenge

Turing AI School 4.1 with Dalian American International School, China

Dec. 8, 2017 – Long Beach, CA

AIBrain along with KAIST came in 3rd place at Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) finals of Conversational Intelligence Challenge organized with AI research universities. This competition started in December 2017 with over 200 competitors and AIBrain was one of the 6 finalists in the competition.  Six teams from the University of Wroclaw, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, McGill University, KAIb (KAIST & AIBrain), UMass Lowell’s Text Machine Lab & Trinity College, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Fudan University took part in the competition finals. Although AIBrain team came in third place, it was later revealed that AIBrain used only 3 conversational modules whereas the winners used 11 modules.

Final Leaderboard of the NIPS Round 2017

1-2* bot#1337 2.746
1-2* poetwannabe 2.536
3 kAIb 2.105
4 RLLChatBot 1.905
5 PolyU 1.5
6 DeepTalkHawk 1.229
Human 3.8


Recent advances in machine learning have sparked a renewed interest for dialogue systems in the research community. In addition to the growing real-world applications, the ability to converse is closely related to the overall goal of AI. This NIPS Live Competition aims to unify the community around the challenging task: building systems capable of intelligent conversations. Teams are expected to submit dialogue systems able to carry out intelligent and natural conversations about specific news articles with humans. At the final stage of the competition, participants, as well as volunteers, will be randomly matched with a bot or a human to chat and evaluate answers of a peer. We expect the competition to have two major outcomes: (1) a measure of quality of state-of-the-art dialogue systems, and (2) an open-source dataset collected from evaluated dialogues.


Founded in 2012, AIBrain is an artificial intelligence company with the goal of building fully autonomous AI by unifying the three essential aspects of intelligence, namely Problem Solving, Learning, and Memory. AIBrain delivers the full autonomy based on its breakthrough technologies: AICoRE (Adaptive Interactive Cognitive Reasoner), a fully autonomous cognitive AI & Memory Graph, AI memory encompassing both episodic and semantic knowledge. www.aibrain.com