Turing AI School Program

Turing AI School Program

The Turing AI School Program (TAIS) is conducted by AIBrain Inc. to introduce students of the younger ages to Artificial Intelligence technologies and its use in the society and encourage them in their pursuit of AI projects. AI and its associated technologies is on the fore-front of revolutionizing the way we think and relate with the machines around us.



Artificial intelligence is simply defined as ‘making machines/systems that can mimic the way human beings think and act naturally’. The process is very innate in human beings which makes it very difficult for machines to compete and compare. Artificial Intelligence can be categorized into Narrow, General and Superintelligence and science has made significant breakthroughs in research and development in the AI systems to achieve these levels of intelligence. Narrow intelligence, also called weak intelligence, specializes in one domain and AI can execute tasks in this area with superhuman ability. Artificial General Intelligence is the strong AI or the human level AI displayed by smart machines. This has not been achieved wholly as per the definition of true intelligence, which involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly, and learn from experience.

The success of AI machines has been piece-wise. Some machines can display these qualities in parts. Whereas machines can seem to compute mathematical problems at lightning speed, they can    be very slow at learning new concepts.

IBM’s Watson playing Jeopardy, Google’s Alpha Go and AlphaZero are just but few examples of how computers can compete with the human intelligence at very specific tasks and even be better. The challenge is to extend this to general problems.


We interact with AI systems in our everyday life – systems that can see, understand everyday speech, give recommendations, and even converse with people. These systems are actually constructed by integrating a number of techniques including machine vision, speech recognition, natural language recognition, machine learning, and planning. This is called the integrative AI, the sole effort of making machines have the ability to be branded intelligent systems.


TAIS is seeking to provide students with practical examples, a hands-on experience in solving day-to-day AI challenges. Both in our online and offline programs, we present the opportunity for them to make their own judgment on what intelligence is and whether not machines are intelligent.

We derive our lessons from the current industry challenges, the big issues that all the giants in the AI race are trying to address. This is how we come to concentrate on Robotics AI, Game AI, Music AI, and Sports as they form the core interests of people of all ages. Working together with leading lights in this industry like Steve Omohundro, Ph.D, our own team of AI Scientists, and other well-  established education institutions, we strive to produce a curriculum that can bring transformation to our learners in a fun but effective way.

In one of our past workshops with students from the Dalian American School, China, TAIS delivered a 3-day comprehensive program that taught them how machines process natural language, recognize emotions from sentences, how non-player-characters in a game environment can be modeled to be fully autonomous, how AI can be used in creating your own music, how to program robots from your own PC and App integration, and how robots work in relation to human senses up to the actual movements of robots.

The Python programming language, the de-facto standard of the machine learning world, was also introduced to help beginners have an idea of what goes on behind the scenes.


Enjoy some of the photos and videos of the events below.

Quattro / Robot AI
Rushen.ai / Music AI
Futurable, Athena , IRSP , AICore


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Wilfred Odoyo, Ph.D.

AIBrain Inc., Product Management.


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